Science Outputs

Phase Doppler quantification of agricultural spray compared with traditional sampling materials

NZPPS, Vol. 70, 142-151


The quantification of spray mass has historically been accomplished by means of fluorescent dyes and various string and ground samplers to capture the dye-laden spray. However, these methods are typically not used in close proximity to orchard sprayers and are prone to many sources of error. The objective of this study was to assess the ability of an in-field phase Doppler (pD) interferometer to quantify spray mass against two common string samplers. Measurements were taken at 0.5 m increments to 4.5 m vertically and 1.0 m increments to 5.0 m downwind from the spray. Converted flux measurements from the strings were compared with those obtained using the pD interferometer. The current pD technology was found to be incapable of collecting equivalent flux data to that obtained from the strings. However, the pD equipment did provide useful data on droplet velocity and size.