Lincoln Agritech receives Seed Funding


Oct, 2016

Lincoln Agritech is one of ten institutes chosen to receive seed project funding from the Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge.

In collaboration with researchers from the University of Canterbury, Lincoln Agritech will lead and develop new science required to create advanced agricultural sprayers. Considered to be a disruptive technology for industry, the real-time Dynamic Electrostatic Spraying (DES) system, will automatically sense target shapes and deliver droplets with high accuracy thus reducing chemical waste and environmental loss.

This new technology uses a novel combination of electromagnetic, electrostatic and fluid forces whereby the spray droplets can be directed through specific trajectories in real time to match the morphology of target surfaces. This new research will benefit sectors involved in horticultural and agricultural spraying, spraying paints and coatings, as well as active coatings in a wide range of industrial applications.

The research will initially focus on sprayers for high-value row crops such as potatoes, grapes, apples and kiwifruit in New Zealand and international markets.

New Zealand will benefit, economically, from this programme through the export revenues and sales of the DES technology, increased exports of high value crops due to improved crop protection, and through reduced chemical costs. to growers. Environmentally, the DES technology aims to reduce pesticide applications by 50% and reduce associated pesticide losses to soil, water and air.

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Lincoln Agritech receives Seed Funding