Lincoln Agritech Presents Microwave Research at International Microwave Conferences


Feb, 2020

Lincoln Agritech (LAL) scientist Kim Eccleston has recently presented papers at two microwave conferences in the last quarter. He travelled to Mumbai, India in December to attend the International Microwave and RF Conference (IMaRC2019) and then Sydney, Australia in February to attend the 4th Australian Microwave Symposium (AMS 2020).

Kim was impressed by the overall high quality and breadth of the microwave research being presented at both conferences. He presented the latest research conducted by LAL on characterising artificial materials. This research is an important step to develop super-resolving microwave lenses, which will be used in the hand-held medical scanner project that LAL is leading.

At IMaRC2019, Nobel Laureate (Physics 2006) Dr John C. Mather delivered the plenary talk on the topic of astronomy, which described the important roles microwaves play in both radio astronomy and deep-space communications with space-borne telescopes. Dr Mather outlined dreams of future telescopes, discoveries and possibilities that may happen through new technologies. Another session at IMaRC2029 on terahertz (THz) mixers opens the prospect of widespread adopting of THz technology.

During Kim’s trip to Sydney, he visited an expert professor of microfluidics and 3D prototyping at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). These technologies open up interesting possibilities for microwave technology. Whilst at UTS he also visited the laboratory of another academic who he had interacted with when she was a PhD student.  An expert on energy-harvesting, she aspires to apply this to wireless devices in the agricultural industry. Kim looks forward to further interaction and collaboration with these experts in the near future.

Lincoln Agritech Presents Microwave Research at International Microwave Conferences