Tech Licensing

Development Description Partnered,
Start Up
Proof of concept Prototype Commercial Product
HydroMetrics groundwater nitrate sensor Lincoln Agritech has developed a sensor for monitoring groundwater nitrate levels while deployed in monitoring wells. Product available for purchase. Looking for distributors, investment and channel partners. Available No No Yes Commercial Product
Primary Sector
Spraydrift deposition sensor Lincoln Agritech is developing a low cost sensor system for the remote detection of agrichemical spray drift, for informing spray operators and landowners of potential agrichemical drift into sensitive crop areas and into populated areas such as rural schools. Partnered Yes No No Proof of Concept
Remote soil measurement Remote soil moisture measurement with multispectral free-space radar. The sensor is intended to be mounted on centre pivot irrigators (ideally variable rate irrigation (VRI) enabled) to measure soil moisture ahead of the wetting path of the irrigator; and to provide a real time data layer to inform irrigation depth. Partnered No Yes No Prototype
Road subsurface moisture measurement The remote / non-invasive TDR sensor has potential both as a handheld tool for measuring moisture beneath the surface of roads and also as a high speed data collection tool attached to road inspection vehicles. Furthermore; the device could be used to map either a bulk, average moisture content or a full set of profile measurements of moisture levels beneath the surface of the road. Partnered No No Yes Commercial Product
Fat depth distribution on red meat carcasses Lincoln Agritech’s microwave technology has successfully mapped fat depth over whole carcasses based on resolving the reflections from fat layers from those of muscle layers. Available Yes No No Proof of Concept
Moisture measurement of aggregate mixes Lincoln Agritech has developed a sensor using multispectral radar / microwave to accurately measure moisture levels in conveyored materials such as concrete sand in asphalt plants.  Available No Yes No Prototype
PAWS pest identification sensor pad ‘PAWS® pest identification sensor pad’ can detect and identify pests such as possums, stoats and rats.
Available No Yes No Prototype