Capabilities and projects

Pulse smaller

Bluelab Sensor


Inverting Electromagnetics -Faraday’s Law Measures Groundwater Flow


Critical Pathways Programme


Medical Imaging Scanner


HydroMetrics GW50 Groundwater Nitrate Sensor

Crop Load Mgmt

Crop Load Management

Stratfords Topcon System 2

Optical Sensors for Dairy Pastures


Nitrogen-fixing pines and grasses

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Catch crops

SPREADING GROUND Lime Trials Southbridge 2018 19 smaller

Variable rate application of lime on paddocks

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Grape Yield Scanner

IRRICAD 02 Crop Image Overlay small web project pic

IRRICAD Irrigation Design Software

DSC 2877

The Deep South National Science Challenge


PAWS® pest identification sensor pad

filling with woodchips

Denitrifying Bioreactor

transfer pathways programme

Transfer Pathways Programme

KES5124 1

New Uses for Wool

spydia groundwater monitoring

Spydia Groundwater Monitoring

2016 Jens Rekker Hinds MAR small

Hinds/Hekeao MAR

Fecpak G2

FECPAKG2 - Image Processing


Agricultural Spray Drift

NZSD homepage

NZ Sustainability Dashboard

Peter Scott Recharge Site

Wairau Aquifer

Well e

Well-E: Environmental group acquires new well drilling tools

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Magnetotactic bacteria for removal of hydrogen sulphide from wine

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Evanescent Sensor for Improved Quality Control of Fruit, Vegetable and Pasture


Bessel Beam Sensors

mulch film experiment smaller

Functionalised Mulch Film

False colour contour mapping Opt N

Optimum N

silverwood kale photo resized

Kale Yield Scanner

Breadline web2

Food Safety and Foreign Object Detection in Baked Goods